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  1. The useof the house andall equipment isauthorizedonlyto the number ofpersonsindicated in the reservation
  2. Don't smoke in the house
  3. At the end of stay do not leave food in the kitchen, leave clean the kitchen, the refrigerator and the barbeque. Don’t leave any waste in the villa. Extra charge Euro 50,00 for the dirty Kitchen.
  4. Please respect the waste recycling. Please bring the waste in the dedicated containers in the garage located
  5. Using whirlpool:
  • Before you get into the whirlpool is required the shower
  • Can access whirlpool adults and children who are at least fourteen years
  • The Entry in jacuzzi is prohibited to those who are suffering from skin diseases or other contagious diseases, or open wounds from injuries or illnesses that are incompatible with the use of the
  • The sick and housebound and children can use the pool only under the supervision of an adult.
  • Is prohibited the use of the pool to people under the influence of drugs and alcohol.Persons with hearth problems or high blood pressure cannot use the pool and the Jacuzzi
  1. Do not throw object or other in WC
  2. Do not light fire
  3. Respect the time of silence from 13.00 to 15.00
  4. Play with ball is strictly prohibited in the spaces front of the houses. You can play ball in the garden away from homes.
  5. Not-potable water.
  6. Using swimming pool:
  • You must shower before entering in the swimming pool
  • Is strictly prohibited make dips in the pool
  • The swimmingpool is deep 1,20 meter from the roman steps to 1,70 meter
  • The Private Pool is 1,20 deep
  • You can not introduced any kind of glasses in the swimming pool
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the pool
  • Play with ball is strictly prohibited in the pool
  • It is prohibited behaviors that may disturb other guests



We thanks for your collaboration and wish you a nice holiday in our borgo

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